Mate Factor Yerba Mate is Fresh

In order to preserve as many fresh nutrients as possible as well as the bright green flavor of the herb we do not age our yerba mate like other mate companies do. Most yerba mate sold in the USA is aged for 1-2 years before being packaged, according to cultural traditions from Paraguay, Uraguay and Argentina. However, in Brazil, yerba mate is commonly preferred as fresh as possible. The Mate Factor prefers this style, since it preserves the life-giving nutrients and the fresh green taste our customers love.

We have spent years perfecting the "art" of creating delicately delicious Yerba Mate. We have painstakingly learned the vast array of factors that control the final flavor and vibrance, in order to produce the best tasting, most nutritious yerba mate tea possible!

Processing our Yerba Mate immediately upon harvest, Mate Factor mate is vacuum packed into triple barrier freshness sealed bags. Onced the process is completed, our mate is trucked to port in order to be shipped out immediately. We do this because we love fresh Yerba Mate!

Processed in Low Heat with No Smoky Flavor

We cure our yerba mate using the CleanHeat® method we developed that keeps the Yerba Mate free from smoke, preserving the vital nutrients & natural flavor of our herb. Our process protects the natural enzymes that exist in Yerba Mate, insuring that the plant never reaches temperatures that would damage the natural constituents.

This careful process produces a bright, smooth flavor that makes Mate Factor Mate superb not only by itself, but as a base for blending your own drinks, hot or cold.

Generous Portions & Quality Ingredients

Mate Factor Jumbo Tea Bag Comparison

We offer generous portions in both our tea bags and loose teas. Our tea bags weigh 3.5 grams each DOUBLE the size of many tea bags on the market, producing a fuller effect. We also use only unbleached tea bag paper for all our tea bags.

Our loose teas come in a generous 12 oz bag, making approximately 4 gallons of organic yerba mate tea.

We spare no effort in finding the highest quality herbs and spices to use in our flavored mate teas.

100% Certified Organic Yerba Mate

We use 100% percent certified organic Yerba Mate, responsibly grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, preserving the environment where our Yerba Mate is grown. We gather Yerba Mate from different regions with specific characteristics to achieve our special green flavor.

Farmer Friendly - Fairly Traded

Our company was founded on helping the producers earn a fair wage for their labor. We enjoy a personal, mutually beneficial relationship with our producers and have worked together closely in promoting organics in both the United States and Brazil. Read More


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