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We have completed our Asheville facility in 2023! Also our 25th anniversary in business!

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our own mate forest with lake

Our own Yerba Mate Forest in Brazil

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Taste the difference with our native trees

Our trees are naturally occuring

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See Our New Shade Grown Organic Mate Farm in Southern Brazil

See Our New Shade Grown Organic Mate Farm in Southern Brazil

FarmDaniel Cohen
Stay tuned, more posts to come with more pictures. We are all excited about our new farm. Only Mate Factor brings you artfully crafted Yerba Mate ...
From Soil to Cup - The Mate Factor

From Soil to Cup - The Mate Factor

FarmDaniel Cohen
Certified Organic Mate Factor Mate Happily Growing Meet one of our happy shade grown organic yerba mate plants in her natural habitat. She is happy...
Mate Factor Yerba Mate Farm in Brazil

A Morning Stroll Through Our Mate Farm

FarmDaniel Cohen
Neriyah & Son Strolling on a Misty Brazilian Mate Farm Morning Neriyah is one of the geniuses behind the world class Mate Factor delicate flavo...

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  • Your tea TREMENDOUSLY helped our Mother's 6-week recuperation from a very light, mild passing stroke (known as a T.I.A. or transient ischemic attack). This allowed more moderated energy rejuvenation in the mornings without the sudden spikes of other common morning beverages. Mom has now permanently switched from coffee to yerba maté. You get to tell folk that at 88 years of grace (the Sunday before Thanksgiving) and Faith, a little old great-grandmother gave up coffee for the first time since she was 16 years old!!

    Darryl Poole, Memphis, TN
  • I was first introduced to Yerba Mate by my Kung Fu Instructor. I suffered from a sleep disorder which zapped my energy levels. I began to use three Lemon Ginger tea bags in a 24OZ cup with no sweeteners at all, I like it straight and strong. My sleep issues began to improve and energy levels spiked. I have also noticed a big improvement with my acid Reflux issues. Today I usually drink a strong cup about 30 to 45 minutes before I work out, I am convinced that Yerba Mate is far better and much healthier than those sugar laced energy drinks often seen in the weight room and DoJos.

    David Howard
  • I am writing to inform you of my complete satisfaction with your product. In the past year, I was feeling quite ill. Eventually I discovered that my stomach could not handle the acidity in coffee, black tea, green tea, vanilla or cinnamon, of all things. Dealing with caffeine withdrawal was terrible enough, but the thought of life without tea was unbearable! Thankfully I discovered yerba mate - it energizes me but doesn't irritate my stomach. Nothing eases me into a day quite like the aroma of a fresh mug of your tea. The taste is so rich and complex, never watery in comparison to other brands of mate. Thank you for your commitment to quality and your customers' well being.

    Elizabeth Ferris - New Milford, CT
  • After years of serious mate drinking, and dozens of different brands tried, I can say without a doubt that you have truly the finest products I have ever tasted and experienced. I use your metal bombilla with my large ceramic mug, that I start out measuring 6 tsp. of green mate, and 3 tsp. of rooibos, a pinch of your Salt Works sea salt, and a tsp. of honey. The rich, satisfying flavor of the fresh green along the salt/honey texture & contrast always start my mornings, (and even some evenings when I have to drive a ways), with such a wave of energy and mental clarity that I don't even miss my old coffee habit. That mug is good for a few more refills where I then add more loose green, dark roast, or even tear open one of the other flavors of teabags, a pinch more Salt Works, & honey to taste. What's left makes great compost. You have made available the best mate I know of.

    Ed - Sequim, WA