5.5 lbs Loose Fresh Green Yerba Mate - Organic

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Fresh Green Yerba Mate - Loose Tea - 100% Organic Contains: 100% Certified Organic Fresh Green Brazilian Yerba Mate (Never Smoked - Never Aged) vacuum packaged in a flavor preserving 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) bag. Here's Why Our Fresh Green Yerba Mate Taste So Good! We do not age our Yerba...
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Fresh Green Yerba Mate - Loose Tea - 100% Organic

Contains: 100% Certified Organic Fresh Green Brazilian Yerba Mate (Never Smoked - Never Aged) vacuum packaged in a flavor preserving 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) bag.

Here's Why Our Fresh Green Yerba Mate Taste So Good!

We do not age our Yerba Mate:

All other yerba mate sold in the USA is aged for 1-2 years before being packaged, according to cultural traditions from Paraguay, Uraguay and Argentina. However, in Brazil, mate is commonly prefered as fresh as possible. The Mate Factor prefers this style, since it preserves the life-giving nutrients and the fresh green taste.

Our Yerba Mate Process is an Art:

We have spent years perfecting the "art" of creating delicately delicouse Yerba Mate. We have painstakingly learned the vast array of factors that control the final flavor and vibrance, in order to produce, The Mate Factor.

No Smoky Flavor:

We dry our Mate; using an art we have developed that preserves the natural flavor and also keeps our original green flavor Mate tea free from smoke. This low heat process protects natural enzymes that exist in yerba mate.

100% Certified Organic:

We use one hundred percent certified organic Yerba Mate, responsibly grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, preserving the environment where our Mate is grown.

The best Yerba Mate I have ever tried. I like to try different kinds from Amazon, and I enjoy them all! BUT nothing compares to this brand. I do believe they process it and possibly grow it in a better way. It seems more fresh to me.
I have tasted every green tea version on the market in the U.S. Nothing compares to this. I have been buying the bulk loose tea now for a couple of years. This really is the best, freshest, most pure taste of them all.
I have been drinking the Mate Factor products for over 16 years now, after trying many brands, I finally settled on Mate Factor as the best tasting yerba mate. From time to time I try other brands, and I keep coming back to Mate Factor. Many times I mix the loose green and dark roasted for interesting blends. But whatever way it comes, it is a daily staple. Love the bulk packages to make my daily servings in a french press, and the bags for traveling. For me, its easy to sense a calming natural homeostasis with increased alertness from drinking yerba mate. A fabulous family of yerba mate products from Mate Factor - gets my repeated recommendation.
Seriously one of the best Mates I've ever had. The taste is so much different than others that i didn't even think it was mate! it was a little too much different for me and first but after drinking it for a couple days you realize its x10 better than Guayaki, Eco Teas, ect. Super green and rich full of flavor! Defiantly recommend!
I have tried numerous Mates and I think this is the best one. I buy in the bulk since I drink daily.
This is the best tasting and highest quality mate around!
I was introduced to mate drinking while living in Buenos Aires from '99-'01 and have been drinking it ever since. I have tried many brands, from Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Some I have enjoyed more than others, but have never been completely satisfied - until now. I first tasted Mate Factor in a health food store and was very impressed. I went home and ordered a small bag to try. I have finally found my perfect mate! I love the smooth, clean, unsmoked flavor and being organic is a great benefit. My first enjoyment of my morning mate is the fresh smell that greets me when I open the bag - it smells as good as it tastes. Thank you for your excellent products!!
Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have received my mate and it is really excellent. I love the product and I truly appreciate that you all are a fair trade company. Also, the customer service I received was excellent and I can tell you really care about your product and your customers. Thank you so much, and I will definitely be ordering more mate in the future!
Hi, I'm writing to you because I tried the fresh green yerba mate and I really liked it. I am originally from Argentina and know what a good mate tastes like!
I am writing to inform you of my complete satisfaction with your product. In the past year, I was feeling quite ill. Eventually I discovered that my stomach could not handle the acidity in coffee, black tea, green tea, vanilla or cinnamon, of all things. Dealing with caffeine withdrawal was terrible enough, but the thought of life without tea was unbearable! Thankfully I discovered yerba mate - it energizes me but doesn't irritate my stomach. Nothing eases me into a day quite like the aroma of a fresh mug of your tea. The taste is so rich and complex, never watery in comparison to other brands of mate. Thank you for your commitment to quality and your customers' well being.
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