Learn how Rewards Points work for you.

Posted by   Daniel Cohen

Every purchase made through the site earns you points you can collect and redeem for product later on. Your current points will be visible under your account info.

100 points is equal to a $1 value on the site. Typically you earn 5% of purchase price in points for most products. For example: a box of tea costing $5.30 would earn you 27 points.

You must earn a minimum 1000 points to be able to use them. Once you have earned the required minimum a link will appear at checkout for you to use the points as payment. Use the link and apply the desired amount of points to your cart. The remaining points will be saved for later use. That is Reward Points!

Note: An account is required to use and collect Reward Points. 

To view your points, log in and look in the dropdown My Account menu on the top of the screen.

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