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Learn all about Mate Factor Yerba Mate

Discover a secret from Brazil — Mate Factor Yerba Mate.
Yerba Mate delivers a delightful, healthy energy unparalleled by any other stimulant. For this it is a prominent part of Brazilian culture in the mate regions of the south.

Mate Factor specializes in bringing Brazilian Yerba Mate to you in a form as close to nature as possible. Our proprietary "Clean Heat" curing system produces a pure, fresh green Yerba Mate, free from a smoky flavor and full of rich nutrients. All our Yerba Mate is certified organic and farmer friendly.

we then vacuum seal our bulk mate at the source a ship out promptly, providing for you the freshest mate you can get.

All our processes happen in a loving environment for both people and nature.

We're proud to offer you the best from Brazil.

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