I initially found this tea (not just this type, but in the loose tea form and also with this quality and strength) in Missoula, MT, at Butterfly Herbs, and haven't been able to find it again since, until now! I am so happy!! I swear I feel healthier immediately after drinking it- it's not just my imagination. And, I tend to bloat easily, and this tea takes care of it so well- the water in my tissues just comes right on out! An amazing product, and thank you!!!!!
Thanks a bunch, and thanks for the mate! This is the first time I'm trying it (I'm a sucker for anything chai) as I am very sensitive to caffeine; it's working for me just fine! No stomach-aches or jitters!
I discovered your mate 4 years ago while working on a lengthy book project in Lancaster, NH. Everyone around me started to get sick because of the long hours and stress. I started to feel a bit weak myself. I drank the dark roast and the green tea every morning. I felt my immune system pick up. I continued with full energy on the project and never looked back! Thank you.
Brilliant service, brilliant product, return customer.
Told everyone I had placed an order for the dark roast and I would share when they got here. Received my order just a couple days later (GREAT shipping!) and I think my employees were more excited than I! (They were very impressed with your sample packs and the info they offered too!) As we were sampling my supervisor came in. She only likes ICED tea, soooo, we iced some down and let her read the sample insert. Hopefully your generosity with the samples will help grow your business. I'm certainly trying to do my part of sharing the benefits of Yerba Mate and your site has more than made that easy. Thank you for having a site we can trust! If I'm going to put something in my body everyday I have to TRUST where it's coming from!
Thank you for the samples! My husband and 2 teen boys liked the dark roast the best, I enjoy them all! Going to try Mascovo sugar now. I have shared your site with several co-workers, after sharing my tea with them first! Nothing like growing you business by 'taste' of mouth! Thanks again.
Your mate gets great reviews. it's much better than the competition, which is obvious for me! Blessings.
I just wanted to let you guys know that I have received my mate and it is really excellent. I love the product and I truly appreciate that you all are a fair trade company. Also, the customer service I received was excellent and I can tell you really care about your product and your customers. Thank you so much, and I will definitely be ordering more mate in the future!
All my life I have suffered from upper-respiratory infections, everything from pneumonia, bronchitis to tonsilitis to simple colds. I could never be in the same room with someone that was coughing and sneezing without catching it myself, ever. For 20 years of marriage, if my husband caught a cold, there was never any doubt that within a couple of days, I would get sick with it. As a singer-songwriter, I dreaded it, because it would naturally directly affect my vocals. I've been that way my entire life, 53 years. Then I started drinking your Hibiscus-Lime tea this year. Twice now, my husband has come home sick, coughing, blowing his nose, and even sleeping in the same bed with him, a foot away, I have yet to catch his colds! It's been amazing. I'm trying to convince him, a hard-core coffee drinker, to drink this Hibsicus Mate, and anyone else within earshot, especially with the winter season here. I just ordered 3 more boxes.
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