i totally rate mate tea,if you suffer the dreaded LYME disease this hits all the attack pain sites fast and eases those relentlessly over tweaked nerve endings!, a total must for lymeys
I have been drinking various brands of yerba mate for years. I drink 2 1/2 cups per day of your Mate Factor. In 3 months or so, I lost about 15 lbs(nothing else changed). with the same daily exercise, etc. I was not fat, but a bit overweight and slightly "soft". Now I'm at my fighting weight. I have not gained a single pound this winter-very unusual, and I exercise less winters.
I was enouraged to try mate for my fibromyalgia pain. After I blindly choose yours, I am hooked. I have tried another brand, but not only did I have to use 2 teabags per cup, the taste was nothing like yours. I didn't have the pain relieving/inflammatory relieving benefits with the other brand either. I am sold. I will never again stray from Mate Factor! I love the lemon/ginger and the chai best. Great stuff!
I have been looking for an organic equivalent to my daily Tazo Black Iced tea love. Not only have I found an equivalent, but a wonderful replacement!! After sampling Mate'Factor at Whole Foods, I bought the Dark Roast and the Lemon Ginger. Fabulous! I am so thankful to find something good for me that tastes soooo good! Would you ever consider making larger, individual tea bags for Iced tea? That would be the icing on the cake! Great product!! Love it!
I have been drinking the loose green tea for a few years now. After every baby I had (4) when I was ready to start losing weight I would drink this tea and it helped a lot. Also whenever I got a cold or my husband has gotten sick I make him drink the tea and we feel we get better much faster. Considering I have Lupus disease I need all the help I can get with my immune system. Wonderful tasting natural remedy.
Your tea TREMENDOUSLY helped our Mother's 6-week recuperation from a very light, mild passing stroke (known as a T.I.A. or transient ischemic attack). This allowed more moderated energy rejuvenation in the mornings without the sudden spikes of other common morning beverages. Mom has now permanently switched from coffee to yerba maté. You get to tell folk that at 88 years of grace (the Sunday before Thanksgiving) and Faith, a little old great-grandmother gave up coffee for the first time since she was 16 years old!!
Discovered your Dark Roast Yerba Mate this weekend while in Asheville and love it. A great alternative to coffee. Thanks!
A few years ago I owned a coffee shop where I was so proud to sell the best products I could find, while supporting local and fairly grown products. I've been out of the country but am home in Colorado again and am very excited to once again reap the benefits of your yerba mate..It's the best..and so fairly traded.
This is the best yerba mate green tea! I have converted many of my co-workers on the West and East Coasts to Mate Factor yerba mate green tea and dark roast. They love it. It gives us energy all day. Thank you for great products.
I have tried other brands of Mate, and nothing touches your combination of flavor and kick. It is almost as if you are selling a different species. That is how big the difference is. Makes it much easier for me to stay away from coffee. Thanks!
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