I can't get enough of this green tea...I can't find any thing else like it.. It has a great smooth taste, and i tell as many people as possible, and have turned many of my family and friends onto it...Thank you!
I feel energized without being wired up. I was going to switch off at first, drinking coffee one morning and mate the next; but once I started drinking mate I didn't want to go back, and now the coffee just sits on the shelf!
I drink it in the evening too because it doesn't give me a buzz like coffee. It's energizing in the morning and relaxing in the evening.
I got turned onto Mate by some friends about six months ago. After being a regular coffee drinker for several years, I quit the coffee and switched to Mate. Mate doesn't give me the jitters like coffee. Also, I got the bonus of dropping 30 pounds in six months! Excellent stuff.
Discovered your product @ the 4 day Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Some nights I had only 2 hours of sleep. Your tea kept me going without irritation or jitters. Had a great time...Thanks!
Hi, I'm writing to you because I tried the fresh green yerba mate and I really liked it. I am originally from Argentina and know what a good mate tastes like!
Thanks Guys! Half the staff (including myself) are addicted to the Mate Factor Products. P.S. I'm going on a road trip and was wondering if you made t-shirts (medium) or a Mate Factor sticker to put on my van so I can spread the good word - and Mate!
Yerba Mate is smoother and gentler than coffee. It doesn't cause the jitters, but it still energizes. Plus it gives me the b vitamins I need. I use it like a multi-vitamin.
Thank you for the best quality mate available north of the Panama Canal!!
I've been getting your green mate for years, and I always loved visiting your booth at Expo East! (I used to work at Harnetts in Cambridge, where I was very active in helping bring in your products). I've tried other brands but yours is totally the best. Please know that I NEVER shop online (can never justify the shipping expenses on my tight budget...), but I can't live for another moment without this wonderful stuff!
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