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After years of serious mate drinking, and dozens of differant brands tried, I can say without a doubt that you have truly the finest products I have ever tasted and experienced. I use your metal bombilla with my large ceramic mug, that I start out measuring 6 tsp. of green mate,and 3 tsp. of rooibos, a pinch of your Salt Works sea salt, and a tsp. of honey. The rich, satisfying flavor of the fresh green along the salt/honey texture & contrast always start my mornings, (and even some evenings when I have to drive a ways), with such a wave of energy and mental clarity that I don't even miss my old coffee habit. That mug is good for a few more refills where I then add more loose green, dark roast, or even tear open one of the other flavors of teabags, a pinch more Salt Works, & honey to taste. What's left makes great compost. You have made available the best mate I know of.
It tastes great and is a great source of Vitamins A, B, C & D. It's energizing in the morning and relaxing in the evening.
I live in Colorado Springs and I was introduced to Yerba Mate about eight months ago. I am a college student but I refuse to drink coffee. My fiancé's friend introduced me to your product. Now i don't know what I would do without it. I carry them in my purse and in my backpack at school. Thank you so much for not only your tea, but for your lunches, your granola, and for your amazing service. I wish there were more companies out there like you.
I had to perform in a play and had laryngitis- so I dug your tea out of the pantry ( I have always been an avid coffee drinker). I found the energizing factor much more soothing than coffee. Totally unexpectedly, it also revived my metabolism. I had been watching the calories and exercising but was stuck. Drinking your tea that week-I lost 5 pounds! Okay- it doesn't do everything- I still had laryngitis, but the play was still a (slightly raspy) success! Best of all, I feel and look better- and that's for life! Thanks so much for a great product!
I have been drinking mate for over three years on a daily basis and I like your product best of all. The flavor is delicate and smooth - and the quality of the leaves seems much higher than some other mates I've had. My favorite recipe: I put mate in my espresso maker with some powdered MACA and a bit of ground licorice - it makes a thick and aromatic brew - high octane too. Thanks for making this product available to us northerners...
I can't get enough of this green tea...I can't find any thing else like it.. It has a great smooth taste, and i tell as many people as possible, and have turned many of my family and friends onto it...Thank you!
I feel energized without being wired up. I was going to switch off at first, drinking coffee one morning and mate the next; but once I started drinking mate I didn't want to go back, and now the coffee just sits on the shelf!
I drink it in the evening too because it doesn't give me a buzz like coffee. It's energizing in the morning and relaxing in the evening.
I got turned onto Mate by some friends about six months ago. After being a regular coffee drinker for several years, I quit the coffee and switched to Mate. Mate doesn't give me the jitters like coffee. Also, I got the bonus of dropping 30 pounds in six months! Excellent stuff.
Discovered your product @ the 4 day Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Some nights I had only 2 hours of sleep. Your tea kept me going without irritation or jitters. Had a great time...Thanks!
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