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Thanks for the best yerba mate ever!
Thank you soo much! Your products are great!
Praise God for the dark roast mate! Thank you!
I live for your chai yerba mate - it's the best!
I am writing to inform you of my complete satisfaction with your product. In the past year, I was feeling quite ill. Eventually I discovered that my stomach could not handle the acidity in coffee, black tea, green tea, vanilla or cinnamon, of all things. Dealing with caffeine withdrawal was terrible enough, but the thought of life without tea was unbearable! Thankfully I discovered yerba mate - it energizes me but doesn't irritate my stomach. Nothing eases me into a day quite like the aroma of a fresh mug of your tea. The taste is so rich and complex, never watery in comparison to other brands of mate. Thank you for your commitment to quality and your customers' well being.
I have lost 47 lbs. and still going thanks to this tea!
I would absolutely recommend Yerba Mate to EVERYBODY. Especially as a healthy-er alternative to coffee. IF i catch a "bug" whether a cold or sinus problem it is very shortlived. I have also had a complete physical and received great results on my bloodwork. This stuff is great! Think of it as a "bug" repellent. Try it for a month and see for yourself.
After years of drinking coffee, feeling stressed out and drained, I switched to mate. Finally I feel focused and energized, ready to handle life. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a different energy source.
I missed my Mate Factor. I first tried Mate Factor in San Diego at the OB Farmers Market and was instantly hooked. I recently moved to Oregon where I could only find another brand which did not taste anywhere near Mate Factor. I just received 4 boxes in the mail and boy have I been happy. Thank you guys and gals again for putting together the best tasting mate.
Yerba Mate tea, what awesome taste , I never thought I would be in love with tea until now. Thank you for the experience. May I please ask if you will consider a variety pack of teas. I would be so interested!! Delighted customer
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