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Thankyou, I just got my Mate Kit in the Mail, I'm so Psyched-!
I have tried many different brands of yerba matte in the past decade after switching from coffee, and I have repeatedly found that Mate Factor products taste the best. Add in the organic factor and it is the best yerba matte product available. There is no more need to try other brands - keep up the high quality work and thank you for a wonderful array of yerba matte teas.
Had my first cup yesterday and comming from a HUGE coffee drinker I am making the switch!!
Your Mocha Mint Yerba Mate is my favorite tea ever! It is not only delicious, it is also good for you! Many thanks!!!
Yerba Mate has been so helpful in my transitioning out of the nasty soda pop habit, and into something much more healthy. Such great flavor and I love that I still am energized without contaminating my body with chemicals!
I recently purchased the Daily Routine Kit 1 and chose the loose Green Tea. All I can say is this is a great Bodum Press and the Green Tea has a very mild and pleasant taste not unlike the competition which I like but this is a better tasting tea. Thank you for sending me a free sample of the "Lime Tropical" tea bag which is very delicious. I also love the "Lemon Ginger" tea bags which I purchased at my local Coop. I am looking forward to trying the "Mocha Mint" and "Dark Roast" too. I can't find anything negative about these teas and you can really taste the lemon and ginger in the "Lemon Ginger" tea, which is my favorite. I am trying to quit coffee again for the 4th time so I hope I can with these delicious tasting Yerba Mate teas. I am looking forward to trying them all as they are superior flavored teas and Organic too.
i totally rate mate tea,if you suffer the dreaded LYME disease this hits all the attack pain sites fast and eases those relentlessly over tweaked nerve endings!, a total must for lymeys
I have been drinking various brands of yerba mate for years. I drink 2 1/2 cups per day of your Mate Factor. In 3 months or so, I lost about 15 lbs(nothing else changed). with the same daily exercise, etc. I was not fat, but a bit overweight and slightly "soft". Now I'm at my fighting weight. I have not gained a single pound this winter-very unusual, and I exercise less winters.
I was enouraged to try mate for my fibromyalgia pain. After I blindly choose yours, I am hooked. I have tried another brand, but not only did I have to use 2 teabags per cup, the taste was nothing like yours. I didn't have the pain relieving/inflammatory relieving benefits with the other brand either. I am sold. I will never again stray from Mate Factor! I love the lemon/ginger and the chai best. Great stuff!
I have been looking for an organic equivalent to my daily Tazo Black Iced tea love. Not only have I found an equivalent, but a wonderful replacement!! After sampling Mate'Factor at Whole Foods, I bought the Dark Roast and the Lemon Ginger. Fabulous! I am so thankful to find something good for me that tastes soooo good! Would you ever consider making larger, individual tea bags for Iced tea? That would be the icing on the cake! Great product!! Love it!
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