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Im from Brazil and its hard to find Mate in America up to my standards that is FRESH and GREEN the way i like it! thank you Mate Factor! I am a loyal customer!
I've tried other brands of Yerba Mate, but Mate Factor is by far the best. My "proprietary blend" is to mix equal parts of Chai Yerba Mate and high quality English Breakfast tea for an amazing cup of morning energy.
I really like your packaging. I have looked for along time for high quality bags that are not individually wrapped, since I drink so much tea, and find bulk to be inconvenient. So thank you for filling that niche!!
We order from Mate Factor the Ginger Turmeric w/ Black Pepper Tea for health reasons. I supplement the tea with those essential oils as well as black cumin seed. My husband and I drink daily and have found significant benefits to our well being. I first found the tea at TJ Maxx and once all gone I finally thought to reach directly to Mate Factor. The tea always arrives swiftly and I appreciate all you do. Merry Christmas.
MateFactor has amazing customer service. Beautiful hand crafted gourds and delightfully good fresh yerba (which is different than many brands that age the yerba) Ordered from MateFactor and am so glad I did, kicked the coffee since it came in, so much better feeling already.
I love your tea! I picked up some here in Lafayette and I can't believe how full bodied this tea tastes. I've tried so many my adult life and always tossing away boxes of tea because they are flat or they all taste the same or I don't trust the ingredients in the tea. But this tea I get! I can taste all of the flavors in it and it's not weak at all. Thanks for making such a great tea! I can't wait to try more varieties and I'm definitely a customer for life! :)
Hey this stuff is awesome!
After years of tummy & intestinal problems it was a medical intuitive that told me I was allergic to coffee and black tea when all the docs couldn't find an answer. After trying other yerba mate products I found your dark roast. Love it! It tastes great, has the morning lift I need and its good for me. Haven't felt this good in years. Thanks for the great product. Linda Whitcomb, WA
Our office loves Dark Roast and Chai. I mix the two and easily gave up coffee and the jitters.

I love the way I feel now.
I just got my Daily Yerba Mate' kit in the Mail and was reading The "Discover Yerba Mate' and Energize the Brazilian way" and while reading I said "Wow, I'm really thankful for Mate'."
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