About our company

The Maté Factor was founded in 1998. We specialize in fresh, organic yerba mate with the best flavor and richest nutrition possible.

We are very active in giving back to the community we work with in Brazil. Our company actually originated from our desire to help our friends in the region and we have grown ever stronger in this relationship over the years.

We pay our Brazilian partner more than the going rate for our mate, as well as working together closely to help develop local projects to enhance the support of those we work with. Read more about our fair trading practices at www.matefactor.com/fairtrade.

Our company is environmentally conscious as well. We specialize in certified organic products according to the strictest standards because of our passion for the environment. We are in a building powered by solar panels. Over 1000 solar panels mounted on the roof of our building provide the power for our business operations as well as our neighbors. On peak days the panels provide up to 324 kW DC. The cloudy days usually run around 105 KW.

We love quality food and sustainable agriculture. Our products are known for their purity (flavored only with organic herbs & spices), cheerful packaging, and care.

Our company is owned by regular people from various backgrounds who have come together to enjoy Yerba Mate and friendship for many years. Some of us grew up with wealth and some grew up in poverty. Some are white and some are black and some are Asian and some grew up Jewish. Some are men and some are women. Also our company is owned by some people from Brazil and some from Argentina. Some of us are from right around here in Asheville, North Carolina where we are located. We can't put pictures of our owners on this page because there are simply too many of us. But if you come to our building, we will introduce you to everyone!

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