I drink it in the evening too because it doesn't give me a buzz like coffee. It's energizing in the morning and relaxing in the evening.
I got turned onto Mate by some friends about six months ago. After being a regular coffee drinker for several years, I quit the coffee and switched to Mate. Mate doesn't give me the jitters like coffee. Also, I got the bonus of dropping 30 pounds in six months! Excellent stuff.
Discovered your product @ the 4 day Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Some nights I had only 2 hours of sleep. Your tea kept me going without irritation or jitters. Had a great time...Thanks!
Hi, I'm writing to you because I tried the fresh green yerba mate and I really liked it. I am originally from Argentina and know what a good mate tastes like!
Thanks Guys! Half the staff (including myself) are addicted to the Mate Factor Products. P.S. I'm going on a road trip and was wondering if you made t-shirts (medium) or a Mate Factor sticker to put on my van so I can spread the good word - and Mate!
Yerba Mate is smoother and gentler than coffee. It doesn't cause the jitters, but it still energizes. Plus it gives me the b vitamins I need. I use it like a multi-vitamin.
Thank you for the best quality mate available north of the Panama Canal!!
I've been getting your green mate for years, and I always loved visiting your booth at Expo East! (I used to work at Harnetts in Cambridge, where I was very active in helping bring in your products). I've tried other brands but yours is totally the best. Please know that I NEVER shop online (can never justify the shipping expenses on my tight budget...), but I can't live for another moment without this wonderful stuff!
I just wanted to let you guys know that I have received my mate and it is really excellent. I love the product and I truly appreciate that you all are a fair trade company. Also, the customer service I received was excellent and I can tell you really care about your product and your customers. Thank you so much, and I will definitely be ordering more mate in the future!
I initially found this tea (not just this type, but in the loose tea form and also with this quality and strength) in Missoula, MT, at Butterfly Herbs, and haven't been able to find it again since, until now! I am so happy!! I swear I feel healthier immediately after drinking it- it's not just my imagination. And, I tend to bloat easily, and this tea takes care of it so well- the water in my tissues just comes right on out! An amazing product, and thank you!!!!!
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